The String Quartet Program 


What is a string quartet? A string quartet is an ensemble made of two violins, viola, and cello. We at the United Conservatory believe that the foundation to good musicianship and ensemble skills for string players begin at the core of an orchestra which is the string ensemble and at the center of that is the string quartet. Through working together in a small group on individual parts where every player is heard, students will get a chance to express their musical thoughts and ideas and develop their own "voice" in the ensemble. You will see many benefits such as improved intonation, sound, musicianship, listening skills, ensemble skills, dynamics, and team work by participating in the program. Each session is coached by instructors who've had extensive experience in string quartets and have traveled the world to give performances and learned from the masters of this craft. Chamber music sessions are 60 minutes weekly. Students will get many chances to perform in outreach performances and a final concert at the end of each semester. 

This program is also open for duets, trios, quartets, and other mixed chamber ensembles. Established groups may enroll together or individual students interested in playing chamber music can join like-minded peers. Currently we are offering classes for strings only. 

Included with the tuition for the program a monthly studio class where participants can perform as a group or present their solo music to their peers and also the faculty of United Conservatory.

Students had coachings from guest artists in the 2017-2018 Chamber Concert Series, Associate Concertmaster of Dallas Symphony, and more!