Dear UCM Family,

As we approach the end of the year, there are a few changes we would like to let all of you know.

1. We are going into a two semesters calendar year, 48 weeks school operating year round. We will not be closing for the summer. The semesters will run from July 1-December 20, January 1st-June 31. There will be one week off during Spring Break, one week off during Thanksgiving and two weeks off for Christmas Break. If any lessons are left over we will provide make ups and transfer the credit onto the next semester for this transition time. 

2. A couple of points of clarification for the year-round system.

        A. You may withdraw at any time during the semester, and we will refund your money if you no longer decide to be with us.

        B. If you are leaving for Summer vacation (ex. leaving for the beach on June 17-July 18) We will credit those missed lessons to the  next semester if you are planning on enrolling with us in the Fall.

        C. Monthly payment options are available, if you need any clarification, or help please email or call us and we would be more than happy to assist you. 

2. We will be moving into an online system for registration and payments. We will no longer be accepting checks or cash. There will be a returned e-check fee of $25 for insufficient funds.

3. There will be an annual registration fee of $30 per student with a maximum of $50 per family. This fee would cover the period from July 1st 2018 -June 31st 2019. For this January 1st-June 31st 2018 there will be an registration fee of $15 with $25 maximum per family. 

4. Make up lessons will only be offered if a 24 hour notice is given. 

5. The Quartet Program and Group Class payments will be by the semester and not per class. This eases the burden of keeping track of varying schedules and conflicts. If you have missed a class you can attend another class that is open for a makeup class. There will also be a $5 materials fee added for copying and printing the music used during class. 

6. For private/individual lessons we will be offering a discount 5% when 24 lessons (one semester) is paid in full by December 20th. Let us know if you would like to apply the semester discount and we will change the invoice. Monthly payment options are available. 

7. We've set everyone up with an online UCM account, where you will be able to view invoices, see your schedule, update any new information and more.

To log in to your new UCM account, please click on the link below. Enter in your email and click reset password. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at 

Above information subject to change. 



Christopher Scherer